20 additional temples to enter Phase 2 of reopening, additional Philippines temple to enter Phase 1

Since temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began reopening worldwide in a four-phase plan after closures due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the largest single-week group being upgraded to Phase 2 has been announced.

Today’s announcement includes 20 temples moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 on Aug. 31, with one temple previously closed reopening in Phase 1 on the same date.

Among the 20 Phase 2 reopenings are 15 temples throughout the United States — four in Texas, two in Colorado and the last two in Idaho to move to Phase 2 — as well as two in eastern Canada, two in northern Brazil and one in Switzerland. Phase 2 allows for the performance of all temple ordinances for living individuals.

The 20 temples to begin Phase 2 operations on Aug. 31 are:

  • Bern Switzerland Temple
  • Boise Idaho Temple
  • Columbia South Carolina Temple
  • Dallas Texas Temple
  • Denver Colorado Temple
  • Detroit Michigan Temple
  • Fortaleza Brazil Temple
  • Fort Collins Colorado Temple
  • Hartford Connecticut Temple
  • Houston Texas Temple
  • Las Vegas Nevada Temple
  • Louisville Kentucky Temple
  • Lubbock Texas Temple
  • Manaus Brazil Temple
  • Meridian Idaho Temple
  • Montreal Quebec Temple
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple
  • San Antonio Texas Temple
  • St. Louis Missouri Temple
  • Toronto Ontario Temple

And the sole temple reopening in Phase 1 on Aug. 31:

  • Cebu City Philippines Temple

Phased Reopening

The reopening of temples will proceed in a cautious and carefully planned and coordinated manner based on local government restrictions and as authorized by the Temple Department. The four phases of opening are designed to reduce risk, accommodate the demand and capacity of the temple, and observe any relevant health restrictions in the temple district.

  • Phase 1: Open for restricted living sealings only
  •  Perform living sealings only for previously endowed members under strict guidelines and safety precautions
  • Phase 2: Open for all living ordinances only
  •  Perform all temple ordinances for living individuals, with priority given for those who will be sealed. The next priority will be endowments for in-field missionaries (who left home prior to receiving their endowment), then followed by those departing for missionary service in the near future. These priorities will be addressed according to the capacity and scheduling ability of each temple.
  •  Maintain closure of patron housing, clothing, and cafeteria operations
  • Phase 3: Open for all ordinances with restrictions
  • Continue providing ordinances for living individuals
  • Provide proxy ordinances for ancestors in a restricted manner
  • Open patron housing, clothing, and cafeteria operations as needed
  • Phase 4: Open for full operations
  • Resume regular temple operations

As directed by the Temple Department, other temples will be reopened based on local government and public health directives. They will follow this same phased approach in reopening, beginning with husband-and-wife sealings by appointment.

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