5 Most Expensive Mansions In Dubai

The Most Expensive Houses in UAE

When we talk of the luxuries, UAE and most of the time Dubai comes to mind. Many people don’t even know the capital of UAE is not even UAE but instead Abu Dhabi.

Dubai is really popular among the rest of the world with that tiny city being the hub or landing destination for tourists. It harbors some of the best luxuries when it comes to hotels in the world.

The likes of the Burj Khalida which is deemed as the tallest building in the world can be found there but our attention today is to have a look at the 5 most expensive mansions in the United Arab Emirates.

5. Sector P Emirates Hills Villa ($23.1 million)

Now we have entered into the top 5 expensive houses in the United Emirates and the fifth on the list is that of the Sector P Emirates Hill Villa which comes at a cost of $23.1 million.

This 27,000-square-feet villa offers a partial view of the Dubai skyline and a full view of a beautiful lake and the golf course.

The basement is comprised of the five-car parking area, gym, relaxation area, massage room, and theater. The rooftop also offers an exquisite entertainment area.

4. Burj Khalifa Penthouse ($27.7 million)

It appears when you get to the United Arab Emirates and there is Khalifa attached to something, expect to pay more because that is the name of their president and he is one individual who is very well respected.

The Burj Khalifa penthouse comes close to $30 million. With 21,000-square-feet space and taking up two stories of the building, this penthouse is the largest in the building. Located above the 100th floor, this unit has the best view of the city.

3. Emirates Hills Designer Villa ($34.8 million)

Every country has designer homes, and for those who are fortunate enough to have the money to afford such a place, they end up owning an extremely prime piece of real estate. Within Emirates Hills, we have seen several villas, but the gated community is also home to several designer models, like this one which is valued at over 34.8 million dollars.

This particular villa is considered to be a “top-class” model, as it covers an area of over 32,000-square-feet, while also possessing eight luxury bedrooms, and a fully furnished and finished interior that is completely designed in a contemporary style. It comes with its own private elevator, as well as an indoor and outdoor swimming pool; and if the occupants have anything valuable they want to keep hidden, the villa also possesses a large study that contains a 70-square-foot safe room.

2. 32,000-Square-Feet Emirates Hills Villa – $48.7 Million

In our final trip to Emirates Hills, we get the most expensive villa that the community has to offer, and it towers over the rest of its neighboring properties, as it is worth over 48.7 million dollars. This villa, like all its neighbors, has the advantage of being situated near the Montgomerie Golf Course, but aside from that, it is a truly luxurious piece of property which spans an area of approximately 32,000-square-feet. This factory-sized home, greets its owners with a Buddha statue located right in the middle of the main hall, with a large light sculpture hanging directly over it. Aside from the hotel-like entrance, the villa houses ten separate and large bedrooms, and it contains two fully equipped kitchens that are both connected to the same spacious lounge. This would be the perfect villa for a fitness buff to own because it comes with a state-of-the-art swimming pool that has its own underwater stereo system, and a fully equipped gym that offers its own set of cardiovascular equipment.

1. Palm Jumeirah’s ONE ($49.2 million)


Now there you have it. Palm Jumeirah’s One is seen as the most expensive house in the UAE with estimated price tag of close to $50 million.

Built on a 140,000-square-feet area, this penthouse is said to be the nirvana of modern-day real estate. Spreading over two floors, it offers you luxury beyond your imagination.

Each unit will be equipped with seven bedrooms. Large multiple communal and living areas are available both indoor and outdoor. Multiple balconies with the view of Dubai skyline, study room with double-height library, media room, sauna with spa area, all come as the standard of this property.

A high-profile landscape architect, Vladimir Djurovic, designed the impressive 800-meter-square pool with ocean views which is surrounded by the 1,500-square-meters lush outdoor space.

Which of these houses will your pocket allow you to afford or just like me, you need to hold on a while.

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