Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

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Beauty as people always say lies in the eyes of the beholder but true beauty certainly do lies in the eyes of all.

But we now do find ourselves where society has now set certain beauty standards hence making plastic surgery a really popular thing among many especially celebrities.

Things have certainly not gone according to plan for many as the internet is filled with many plastic surgery failures.

Talking about plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures is still considered something of a taboo, particularly for celebrities who face increasing pressure to look perfect, and for longer. Furthermore, the best work, from Botox to eye lifts, is generally considered to be that which prompts your friends to comment, ‘You look so well’, rather than ask, ‘What have you had?’, so there tends to be a wider culture of silence around getting work done.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow might be well known for her ‘clean beauty’ empire Goop, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had Botox and laser treatments in the past.

“I’ve probably tried everything”, she said to Harper’s Bazaar US back in 2013. “I would be scared to go under the knife, but you know, talk to me when I’m 50. I’ll try anything. Except I won’t do Botox again, because I looked crazy.”

Angelina Jolie

It’s important to note that discussions around plastic surgery don’t simply evolve around wanting to look younger. In 2013, Angelina Jolie spoke openly about her preventative double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in a New York Times story appropriately called ‘My Medical Choice.’

There have been many advances in this procedure in the last few years, and the results can be beautiful,” the actress explained.

 Tyra Banks

Another celebrity who is on record to have admitted to having gone under the knife to somehow ‘correct’ on her body is that of Tyra Banks.

The television personality widely known as BanX is worth more than $90 million and is getting closer to fifty years.

Tyra was stunning to start with, but the fact that she’s honest about her work done in the past speaks to her [power as a role model. In an interview with People Magazine, she admitted to getting her nose done and said she feels a “responsibility to tell the truth.”

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