Economic Crises Forces Missionaries Out of Most Part of Liberia ( INSIDE STORY)

Daniel Woodruff, church’s spokesperson cited in a statement on February 2, 2020, that economic crises in the country have forced the church to pull out missionaries In some parts of the country.

Due to the devastating economy in Liberia, the church asked all of the missionaries who are outside Monrovia and Montserrado to leave their apartments. Missionaries who have three months and less on the mission were asked to leave yesterday and 23 more will leave in a couple of weeks. The missionaries’ size will be reduced drastically. Missionaries will only proselyte in Monrovia it’s Capital.

There have been several demonstrations and protests, Bank transactions are affected and missionaries queue long hours at various ATMs. More protests are underway.

Liberia has only five years of missionary service after WHO declared the country safe from the Ebola outbreak. Our prayers are with the Saints and people of Liberia.

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  1. Foday s Dukuly says

    How downhearted I am after hearing this sad news.As we just started our temple class ,will it be like sheep’s without Shepherd. Will our membership not decline in the Country? May our Eternal Father take the glory.

    1. Donna Wollenzien says

      Brother Foday Dukuly
      Do not be downhearted . Press forward !
      Heavenly Father is in charge and he has blessed the members of Liberia with added strength to endure and build the church in Liberia . Keep going . This is for only a short time . We will contact you as soon as possible . Walk forward Not backwards .

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