FSY Conferences to resume in summer 2021

Church preparing to begin FSY conferences in U.S. and Canada summer 2021

Based on current information from medical and government officials, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints plans to hold For the Strength of Youth conferences in the United States and Canada beginning in the summer of 2021. Wards are encouraged to reserve the dates they are assigned to attend.

Church leaders are closely monitoring the status of COVID-19 in all areas of the world. Based on updated information and local restrictions, the format of the conference may change or sessions may be postponed. If needed, an alternative youth activity will be provided. All affected congregations will receive additional communication as soon as decisions are made.

FSY conferences are designed to help youth strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ and experience joy and belonging as they live the gospel. These conferences include up to five days of devotionals, classes and activities.

Additional information is below, including the request to recommend young single adults to serve as volunteer counselors, call stake and ward FSY representatives and approve youth to attend FSY. The first six sections are applicable to all stakes, including young single adult stakes, regardless of what year the stake is invited to attend FSY. The last three are applicable to stakes invited to attend FSY in 2021.

FSY conferences are five-day events for youth ages 14-18 to strengthen faith in Jesus Christ through gospel study, classes and devotionals.

Below is a summary of the information included in the announcement.

Recommending young single adults to serve as volunteer counselors

Whether or not youth in their stake will be attending an FSY conference in 2021, bishoprics in the U.S. and Canada are encouraged to submit recommendations for young single adult FSY counselors by Oct. 15, 2020. Recommendations can be submitted through Leader and Clerk Resources under “Applications.” More information regarding qualifications and responsibilities for counselors can be found at FSYcounselor.ChurchofJesusChrist.org.

Calling stake and ward FSY representatives

A member of the stake presidency is invited to call a stake FSY representative. The FSY office at Church headquarters will communicate with this individual regarding session dates, locations, transportation, registration and other logistics. This individual will also work with ward FSY representatives, priesthood leaders, stake and ward youth organization leaders, young single adult leaders, parents and youth.

A member of the bishopric or branch presidency is invited to call a ward FSY representative. This individual will work with the stake FSY representative and have similar responsibilities on the ward level.

Registration details

Youth invited to participate in an FSY conference should be approved by a member of the bishopric in Leader and Clerk Resources under “Applications” before Jan. 20, when registration begins. Exemptions for youth to attend a different session due to family vacations, medical issues, moves or custodial considerations may be requested through a member of the bishopric.

Stake FSY activities

To help increase the spiritual impact of FSY conferences, stakes are encouraged to plan at least two one-day stake FSY activities within the year they have been assigned to attend an FSY conference. Youth are encouraged to take the lead in planning these activities with the guidance of the stake FSY representative.

More information regarding stake FSY activities, including suggested schedules and events, will be communicated to stake FSY representatives in the coming months.

Additional Information

FSY Website

Counselor Qualifications and Responsibilities

Local Unit Budget Allowance (LUBA) Guidelines

FSY Accommodation of Persons with Disabilities Policy

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