Full-time missionary dies in Georgia

Full-time missionary from Utah dies in car-bicycle accident in Georgia

A full-time missionary from Bountiful, Utah, died Saturday, May 16, after being hit by a vehicle while riding his bicycle in northern Georgia.

Elder McKay Jamin Bergeson, 19, of Bountiful, who had been serving in the Tennessee Knoxville Mission since December 2019, was killed in the evening accident in LaFayette, Georgia, said Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff.

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Elder Bergeson’s companion was not injured in the incident.

“We express our sympathy and heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones as they mourn his passing and remember his life,” Woodruff said in a Sunday, May 17, a statement on Elder Bergeson’s passing. “We pray they will feel the love of our Heavenly Father at this difficult time.”

Elder Bergeson was described as “a wonderful, outgoing young man who loved everyone” by President Troy M. Anderson, president of the Bountiful Utah South Stake who is acting as a spokesman for the missionary’s family: “He had an outgoing personality and loved to be serving the Lord.

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“He’ll be greatly missed,” added President Anderson added, acknowledging the Bergeson family’s appreciation for the prayers and support they have already started to receive after their son’s passing. “He has been a bright light and a great strength to everyone who has known him.”

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