How a Missionary miraculously survives accident

Missionary survives accident after being hit by a car

A remarkable missionary was riding his bike home, crossing in a crosswalk on a green light, when a car turned left and slammed into him without braking. Elder Troyer flew over the car, slamming into the pavement, breaking his helmet.

After being struck by a car while riding his bicycle, a missionary from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints working in Utah Orem mission has survived an accident.

Fortunately the incident occurred literally a block from the American Fork Hospital and officers were on the scene in moments. Shockingly there were no broken bones or serious injuries, just bruises, scrapes and four stitches.

His helmet had saved him from dying after the car hit him. He emerged from the hospital with only a few minor injuries, bruises, scrapes, and cuts.

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Even more impressive to me was that through the entire ordeal this great young Elder longed to be able to call the distraught driver to let her know he was fine. At least three times in the ER he told me how worries he was for her. He was much more concerned about her than his own injuries.

That’s the kind of young men and women we are surrounded by every day here. They are all miracles to me in this cynical world.

The Road to Hope and Peace gave information about how the incident occurred and the way he was saved miraculously. Below is the account,

A video at the hospital after the incident happened.

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