Number of temples opened for husband-wife sealings grows to 108.

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With the latest announcement of 12 temples identified for Phase 1 reopening on July 6, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has 108 of its 168 operational temples worldwide open or scheduled to be open for limited operations.

With profound gratitude to our Heavenly Father that He has heard our prayers, we rejoice in announcing a careful, phased reopening of temples,” the First Presidency said. “living husband-and-wife sealing ordinances will be performed in selected temples for members who have been previously endowed.” This is been done by the church to make sure members of the church are safe while in the temple during this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Each temple presidency will take extra precautions to help protect temple workers and patrons. This will include allowing patrons to wear their own masks and gloves, providing hand sanitizer at several locations in the temple, and encouraging frequent handwashing and appropriate social distancing. All those who serve in the temple will do so on a volunteer basis. Adjustments to temple operating schedules, seating arrangements and temple facilities will also be made to further increase safety.

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The 12 announced Monday, June 29, to resume limited living husband-and-wife sealing ordinances include the first five to reopen in the state of California after closure in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the first two expected to reopen on the South American continent. Others are three in the United States’ Northeast and two in Europe.

The five in California are the Fresno California, Newport Beach California, Redlands California, Sacramento California and San Diego temples.

Below are the 12 temples to reopen on July 6, 2020:

  • Asunción Paraguay Temple
  • Boston Massachusetts Temple
  • Fresno California Temple
  • Madrid Spain Temple
  • Manhattan New York Temple
  • Montevideo Uruguay Temple
  • Newport Beach California Temple
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple
  • Rome Italy Temple
  • Redlands California Temple
  • Sacramento California Temple
  • San Diego California Temple

Two temples in Mexico that previously had been announced for Phase 1 reopening on June 29 instead will continue to be closed — the Colonia Juárez Mexico and Monterrey Mexico temples.

See a full list of temples and their current status.


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