Over 200 Latter-day Saints and Utah residents Evacuated Due To Ether Hollow Fire

Fire crews responded to the Ether Hollow Fire, which is burning between Springville and Mapleton.

In Mapleton, a city in Utah and trending news indicates that residents of which most are Latter-day Saints have been forced to evacuate the homes to a safe place because of wildfire. The Ether Hollow Fire started on Sunday, September 6, 2020, and was caused by target shooting.

Ether Hollow wildfire prompts multiple evacuations, about 1,000 acres burned.

Officials said 500 homes were threatened by the fire and FEMA officials authorized the use of federal funds to help with firefighting costs. They have been evacuated to a safe place arranged by the state. Firefighters are also doing their best to control and put out the fire.

There are more than 2million Latter-day Saints living in Utah currently. Those living in these places of wildfire are currently safe due to the evacuation, however, the question remains, will their houses and other properties be spared?

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