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President Ballard Reveals Four things Mission Leaders Can do to Seek Spiritual Guidance from the Lord

Speaking during the 2020 Mission Leadership Seminar, President Ballard addressed the topic, “Behold, the Field Is White Already to Harvest.”

Hyrum Smith, the Prophet Joseph’s older brother, was one of his earliest and most faithful supporters, said President Ballard. “He knew that his younger brother had been called of God to restore the fulness of the gospel.”

On one occasion in 1829, Hyrum traveled more than 160 miles from his home in Palmyra, New York, to where Joseph and Emma were living in Harmony, Pennsylvania, to find out more about what had been revealed to Joseph. In response to the visit, the Prophet received for Hyrum a Revelation recorded in Doctrine and Covenants section 11.

It was in this revelation that Hyrum was promised, “the field is white already to harvest” (D&C 11:3). Speaking at the Mission Leadership Seminar, President M. Russell Ballard pointed to Doctrine and Covenants 11 to outline four things the Lord has counseled for success in missionary work:

1. First seek to obtain God’s word.

2. Say nothing but repentance.

3. Keep the commandments.

4. Assist to bring forth the Lord’s work.

President Ballard promised that just as the Lord counseled Hyrum to “put your trust in that Spirit which leadeth to do good,” there are many blessings for mission leaders to receive.

“When we act upon the Lord’s invitations, He blesses us beyond what we can imagine,” said President Ballard. “In this case, the Lord promises to impart His Spirit, which will enlighten our minds and fill our souls with joy! These blessings are yours as you put your trust in the Lord, do justly, walk humbly, and judge righteously as mission leaders. As you do these things, additional blessings will come to you—your missionaries and local leaders and members will trust and respect you.”

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