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What a story from Elder Soares’ youth taught Primary children during the Friend to Friend

It’s not every day a Primary child has the opportunity to visit a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in his office at the Church Administration Building in Salt Lake City.

During the Friend to Friend broadcast on Saturday, Feb. 20, two young “field reporters” took the virtual audience inside Elder Ulisses Soares’ office to ask him a question about making covenants with God at baptism.

“Some of us have already made those covenants and some of us will soon. What advice do you have for us about keeping these promises?” they asked the Apostle.

To answer their question, Elder Soares illustrated a story from his childhood — with the help of an animated 11-year-old Ulisses.

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One day, Ulisses’ mother gave him money to go to the store and buy some fruit. On his way home, he realized he had more money in his hand than he started with. The lady behind the counter had made a mistake when giving him change for his purchase.

“I thought, I can give the correct change back to my mother and I can keep the extra money to spend however I want,” said Elder Soares, as an ice cream cone flashed in a thought bubble above his animated head.

“But then I remembered what my bishop taught me. I knew that to keep my baptismal covenants, I needed to be honest. When I had this thought, I felt the Holy Ghost.”

So young Ulisses walked back to the store and returned the money. “Choosing the right during this moment gave me the strength to make many, many other correct choices and keep my promises to my Heavenly Father,” he said.

The Prophet’s message to children

President Nelson has a special love for the Primary children around the world.

“We’ve learned some important things today, haven’t we?” he said in a video segment toward the end of the broadcast. “We have been reminded that each of us is a beloved child of God. Please remember that fact. If you never forget that one pure truth, you can face any problem with faith and courage.”

The way to find true joy in life is to walk always on the Savior’s covenant path. “Just think of the light and love you can bring into the world as faithful followers of Jesus Christ,” President Nelson said.

He reminded his young audience that “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. The Lord can use you — yes, each of you — to do His amazing and important work.”

Some “small and simple things” that can make a big difference include helping someone in need, learning and living the teachings of Jesus Christ, sharing testimony of Him, keeping His commandments and preparing now to go to the temple.

“When you do any of these things, you’re helping Heavenly Father to gather His children back to Him,” President Nelson said.

“My beloved young friends, I am so very proud of each one of you. I know that Heavenly Father is watching over you. He loves you very much. And so do I.”


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