Watch ‘Jane and Emma’ for free in honor of Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, the groundbreaking Latter-day Saint feature film, Jane and Emma, will be free to watch this weekend only.

Jane and Emma was released in theaters in the fall of 2018 and was one of the best-reviewed Latter-day Saint films in the last decade. The movie begins the night after Joseph Smith was martyred and unfolds with a series of flashbacks that paint a picture of the bond between Jane Manning James and Emma Smith. Anyone who is interested in Church history or who is looking for a faith-filled and inspirational new film will find the perfect movie night with Jane and Emma.

You can watch Jane and Emma for free through February 28th here, or stream it online via Amazon Prime or Vudu.

Click here to watch Jane and Emma for free

This is the official trailer

Jane Manning James joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after learning about the gospel from missionaries in her home state of Connecticut. She shared what she learned with her loved ones, ultimately leading eight members of her family 800 miles on foot to find Joseph Smith and the Saints in Nauvoo. As her family members settled in Nauvoo, Jane found a job and a home in the Smiths’ household, where she developed a strong friendship with Emma.

One five-star reviewer on said of the film:

“My wife and I absolutely love this movie. What a great story of love and sisterhood. We know so little about this chapter of our own history, and to be able to see it told in such a beautiful and inspiring way has really been a blessing in our lives. Jane Manning James is an inspiration to us as a pioneer that did whatever her Father in Heaven asked.”

The DVD and Blu-Ray are available for purchase at Deseret Book.

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