Watch Out for The Pathway Africa Show in your Area

A Television Show “The Pathway Africa Show” has been initiated on the African continent for students of the Pathway Program and Young Single Adults at large for the sole purpose of strengthening the Young Single Adults through sharing of experiences, and discussions that cover the Gospel, Careers, Education, Relationships, etc.

Several episodes of the show have already been shot and more underway. The program is hosted by Comedian Hungryman and Matt Richards. The program is intended to be running for a year and will be featured on some special Young Single Adults events across Ghana. Currently, all episodes are being shot in Accra Ghana.

The BYU pathway program has helped many on the continent planned for their future with better and affordable education.

All episodes of “The Pathway Africa Show” can be watched at the Africa West Area YouTube channel.

Other episodes of “The Pathway Africa Show” is anticipated to shoot with Cape Coast and Takoradi.

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