Young Women Face to Face events and the 4 key points to gather Israel

In bringing together a virtual audience of young women from around the world, Sunday night’s Face to Face event with the Young Women general presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opted for a bit of a twist on the typical Face to Face events.

Rather than youth leading the event and asking questions of the invited Church leaders, the Young Women general presidency —  President Bonnie H. Cordon and her counselors, Sister Michelle D. Craig and Sister Becky Craven — hosted the event and invited youth from around the world to be their guests.

“Oh how grateful we are for your influence for good all over the world, especially during this pandemic,” President Cordon said of the virtual youth audience joining them.


He then invited the young women to focus on four key areas to help gather Israel.

Living the gospel

The first area of focus, as introduced by Sister Craven, is to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Living the gospel comes through a million small, but faithful decisions and then the courage to follow the Spirit to live by those decisions.

When striving to live the gospel, being consistent in simple, everyday things like prayer, searching the scriptures, listening and acting on the words of the prophets, and maintaining a current temple recommend are some of the most powerful things a person can to do draw closer to the Savior, President Cordon explained.

“Living the gospel of Jesus Christ and being His disciples requires faith — and acting on that faith,” Sister Craven said following their conversation. “Some days I do better than other days, but the point is that we never stop trying.”

Care for those in need

The second area of focus to help in gathering Israel is to serve others and care for those in need by President Cordon.

“I want you to know that Heavenly Father honors the smallest step and the biggest leap. Every act of service makes a difference. I hope we will each choose to make a difference.”

Invite others to come unto Christ

“Anytime we do anything that helps anyone on either side of the veil to make and keep their covenants with God, we are helping to gather Israel.’”

“The Lord longs to bless all of His children, and He is allowing us to be His voice and His hands to bring about His great work.”

“You are doing what it says in the Young Women theme: ‘standing as a witness of God at all times, and in all things, and in all places.’”

Unite families for eternity

“The reason we share the gospel is so that families can be united for eternity.” Uniting families for eternity can be done in many different ways, the leaders explained.

President Cordon added, “My dear young sisters, no matter what your family looks like, you can strengthen and bless them through your goodness.”

Concluding the event with their testimonies, the Young Women general presidency reiterated President Nelson’s words that “we do not walk the covenant path alone.

The gathering of Israel is the work and purpose of the Lord at this time, “it is why Heavenly Father has sent you here,” President Cordon told the young women.

“There will be bumps, there will be roadblocks — of course there are — they are part of our mortal journey. Don’t let that stop you from your glorious and eternal work,” she said. “It will bring you joy.”

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